Artist Biography

peterPeter Bucklin was born in 1955 near Boston, Massachusetts. He studied architectural design at Boston Architectural College. Bucklin currently lives in Portland, Maine and is a member of the Running with Scissors artist community.

Mr. Bucklin began painting with water colors, using them like oil paints to express deep-seated turbulent emotions, and painting abstract gardens as a way to seek calmness. As this process unfolded, these paintings became an expression of his private world and began expanding into broader imagery as he sought to capture a deeper sense of self and places hidden but coming into view.

Numerous visits to the Navajo and Hopi reservations in the Southwest had a profound influence on Bucklin's art and life. He fell in love with the rich palette of desert colors and vast skies, as well as the strong symbolism found in Native American art. He began to explore the use of symbols and vivid colors in his own work.

Today, Bucklin paints with acrylics on paper and has expanded his inner world to broader landscape imagery that morphs into more ethereal places of space expressed in vibrant color. Almost all of his painting is done to progressive electronic dance music mixes that allow him to reach meditative states. This music also takes on its own visual imagery, sometimes as repetitive forms and sometimes as formless places in motion. After many years of choosing to keep his art private, Mr. Bucklin has begun to exhibit his work publically. His most recent exhibitions were a co-exhibit entitled "Touching Sky" at the Running with Scissors Gallery, and in the Art Truck mobile gallery during Portland's First Friday Art Walk events in August and September 2014.


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