Artist Statement

For me, painting is an act of love, an expression of places I find inside quietly asking to be set free, to be given life. It is my spirit, a poet seeking to turn descriptive words into visual imagery. I search deepening shadows seeking tiny points of hidden brightness—light that reveals alluring places of mysterious beauty. Places of totality and nothingness, ever-changing, always moving through restlessness and peacefulness. In these inner private places my paintings come alive with moments that provide me with the meaning and reason for being.

Almost all of my painting is done listening to progressive electronic dance music. It is an integral part of my creative process. I allow the rhythm and flow of the music to inspire my act of putting paint to paper. My most enjoyable painting occurs when I am able to dance, freeing a fuller sense of my creative being, resulting in a performance that becomes a painting.

My current work explores using motion and blended colors to create a flowing visual experience of depth and music and hidden private places—something beyond that cannot quite be experienced, just a knowing of something more there. Some of these paintings resemble waves and landscapes, in some cases each becoming the other. As my paintings take on a greater sense of actuality I find myself compelled to move towards space without definition—ethereal images arising out of patterns of brushwork and color that represent the music I listen to. This is the process that led to my current series of paintings entitled Sky Meadows.

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