Painting is a key turning, unlocking, and then stepping into possibilities and an opening to something beyond. What do I see when I look? What is it I do not see? Can I paint what I don’t even know is there? This is where questioning starts for me.

Curiosity is the key. Looking to really see; seeking ways past words and thoughts; seeing beyond the descriptions my thoughts impose on what is there to be seen.

The purpose of Me asking is to be open to the potential of all possibilities. The best answer is a better question; perhaps a painting that seemed unimaginable until it occurred.

I paint from the shadows, wondering what is, seeking to be receptive all I don’t know exists, the possibilities of unknowing until seen. I have no idea what my painting looks like before I start. To see where I’m going, I must paint, and then the unknown becomes something to be seen. Even as it takes layers and layers of painting to discover what I’ve painted.

The beauty of it all becomes when I’m lost and when I’m aroused in energy; to be aroused and go slower; to where it happens before I understand; it just becomes; the experience of going beyond and seeing what wasn’t known until it is seen.

When I stumble unknowingly into darkness discovering I’m the light, painting becomes everything I am. What I paint could be a map or a place or an expression of experience beyond answers, or a doorway, a portal; in the end, it only matters that I paint.

In the fabric of space, the totality of experience is woven. My painting is the expression of my experiences seeking their freedom to become integrated into the fabric of space.

Peter W. Bucklin

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